1: “So… In what ways does your company increase Revenue?”

In the golf club business everyone in the building, from the GM, to the Head Pro , to the Starter, have to be in the Membership business! And Without a killer Membership Sales Manager, who is completely un-restrained, there is no new revenue, they can muddle along, or dig in deep with a strong Membership Director and staff in the Membership Business.

I can train the staff all to act like me at their club, and they will see a minimum 3 to 5 million dollar jump in the dues line over a 3 year period!

I have to train the team, and when Membership increases, so does F&B, so does Merchandise sales, etc etc. Every Department Benefits from New Members!

I have saved clubs from shutting their doors, to decent clubs, just missing the boat. Restructuring the entire establishment, created a new Revenue line they had not had prior.

I have to physically get into your club. Then owners or board members have to make tough decisions on if you have the right employees for the job.

I will help them figure that out first. Sometimes looking in the mirror is the hardest part.

If someone is untrainable we have nowhere to go!  ðŸ™‚

2: “Do you have various levels of Consulting? What if we can only afford a certain amount based on our current budget?”

Sometimes, when people work with or for people, they are too close to the situation to see where they are missing potential gains and improvements.  I am simply offering an outside eye to come in and view the operation as a whole. My specialty is watching the entire club operation as a whole and find anywhere it is missing the continuity one would desire. I can have a clear grasp within a week to 2 weeks.

There are typically many things I would change immediately to generate more traffic for Membership Sales/ Wedding Sales, Golf Shop Sales, along with many other income generating changes.

There are several levels of Consulting I can accommodate.

A. Come in for 1 or 2 Weeks to look at your Club, it’s current structure and staff and gain an overall feel of the club culture.  

Under this scenario, It would be $2500 per week, and a report on all the changes I would suggest implementing, would be generated.   You would then own the plan I would suggest you put into action with all the staff and department heads. This would not include an expense report, for airfare and a VRBO.

B.  You should put in my name and phone number even now while I am in Texas for 2 weeks.  I can close 4 or 5 memberships before I even arrive at your facility over the phone, should you decide to send me the Application and Brochure for your club. This would be $1000 a week plus First month Dues to me, for every year 12 months commitment contract signed to the club.

I would be able to tell you after 2 weeks exactly how we need to sell this facility and close the callers and inquiries.   9 out of 10 of my sales never reached the club prior to signing on the dotted line. They had already joined and filled out the application and paid the Initiation fee, prior to the tour. God gave me a gift for closing them first, before stepping on the property.  I would have all the inquiries sent to my phone # and e-mail. If it is successful and you feel you want to stay the course on that route, I could sell from here easily.

C.  I can sell multiple clubs at once all from my home without being present and you would be floored. For example if you own 3 clubs, I could literally be an extra revenue generator from my home in Texas on all your clubs for $3000 a month and 1st-month dues payment commission, per year commitment per membership sold at any of the 3 clubs.  Each club up to 6 is $1000 a month.


D. I can come in and reach the Ultimate Goal of increasing revenue Club wide and train the staff and implement my special techniques required for a club-wide GOP increase. At this level, it is $9000 a month plus $40 an hour follow up phone calls from staff if they need my help after I set up the property for success, for continued Coaching. This would not include an expense report, for airfare and a VRBO.   If you do not have a Membership Director in that role, that is fine, we will hire one together. In order to succeed, I also should not be limited by its current constraints or assumed roles it takes on, rather make Membership a priority club wide with all the staff.

We would still need to be searching for someone to train that I feel can be me when I have moved onto another facility.

There is a fine line I have to maintain only because I have so many secret weapons, that I cannot disclose for free.

Even if I do disclose half of them, they would not be able to implement them properly.

People have tried and failed to copy my success unless I am physically present to teach the staff.

The Staff truly need to remember I am not a threat to their position or job, but an asset, to use for their Success.

The whole team vibrates new energy and runs at a different level when I am there to help them.

If you want to see some immediate results please forward the Membership line from any club without a membership director or even with one and watch! 🙂

It is my passion and my hobby and I was literally born for the club business!

I could have talked shop for years and never covered all the things that we can do at your clubs!  It is always so much for me to talk about the Club business!

Again, I appreciate and respect your time immensely!

Please feel free to call me if you would like to talk about any of this, or try a combination of any of the above!